Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 4th

On my last birthday we took a 3 hour train ride to visit one of Alan's old friends. Anya was only about 5 months old and on our way back she would not stop crying, so I spent the whole 3 hours standing by the door trying to calm her down without any real success. Feeling drained and miserable afterwards, I almost slept through the rest of the day. When Alan and my mom asked me to get up so they could celebrate my birthday for me, I had to force my eyes to open.

Yesterday Any...a gave me kisses when she woke up. She sat in her baby seat waving to other small kids when we enjoyed our brunch, and she picked up all the strawberries and blueberries on my birthday cake and put them in my mouth.

She has become such a sweetheart to us. There were so many moments during the past few months when I looked at Anya and I literally stopped breathing. I'd turn to Alan and asked: "have you ever seen anything so beautiful?", and he'd shake his head. Those moments, though brief, brought me happiness beyond imagination.

Thank you Anya, and my loved ones for creating all those wonderful memories with me in the past year. I will do my best to make the next 365 days full of love and happiness and make sure that you feel them too.

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