Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alan and Grace's Best of Japan - Who Confused Shinjuku from Shibuya?

We were going to see the famous Shibuya crossing, but because someone (me) has been too busy to plan for the trip and too jet-lag to notice the difference between Shibuya and Shinjuku (don't these two words look similar...?), I brought Alan and Anya to a completely wrong area and did not notice my mistake until just now! So, yes, we thought every big crossing we saw was the Shibuya crossing and we wondered how come there were not as many people as we saw in the pictures...
Alan was right, I should have plan this trip in Chinese... I would never have mixed up 新宿 and 涉谷!
— at Shinjuku Station. December 18, 2014
vending machines everywhere in Japan

All these people behind us (and many more) were vedio taping something on the big screen up there. Alan told me that's the most popular boys group in Japan. I have know idea how Alan knows things like that.


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