Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Alan and Grace's Best of Japan - Sushi Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market (大和壽司)

Thanks to Anya's cooperation and jet-lag, we were able to arrive at Tsukiji Outer Market at just a little after 5am to line-up for some most famous sushi in Tokyo. However, the number one store ( 壽司大) already had a 3-hour line-up. We were okay to try the second best (大和) which only had a 1-hour line-up and really glad we did. Anya even got her complementary tamago sushi! (15 sushi in the special set for $35). Also a special thanks to a nice lady who, by the way, seemed to know every vendor in the market, for taking us directly to the sushi place - without her we would have to spend a lot of time wondering around in the big Tsukiji Market.

December 17, 2014
 We decided to give up on eating at 壽司大 after they told us the wait would be 3 hours. But let's take a picture to show at least we tried.

 Anya was staring at this young man behind me almost the whole time we were in the line-up...
 With Anya and everything we have to carry for her, we just don't have the time and energy to carry two cameras or change lenses anymore. This is the closest Alan could get use our current lenses on our camera.

 free tomago for Anya


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