Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Monday, June 30, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 2 - What You Wore


For the past little while I have been wearing this vintage Celine purse.  It was a gift to me from my mom when she realized that with Anya, it was no longer practical for me to carry my other purses in my arms.

My dad bought this purse for my mom when they were both really young. My mom used to love purses (and still do). Unlike now, these big European brands were very rare in Taiwan thirty years ago, so every time my dad had a chance to visit Europe for business, he would bring back a purse for her. 

I love this purse because I can hardly find a bag this shape anymore, but more importantly, I love that when I am wearing it, I get to feel the love between my parents from even so long ago.

So here it is, the photo of "What You Wore". Oh! and this yellowish shirt dress I was wearing - that's from my mom, too.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 1 - Self-Portrait

When we were in Paris we attended a special exhibition of Vincent van Gogh in Musee d'Orsay.  The exhibition contained several self-portraits of the artist.  In a letter to his brother, Vincent van Gogh wrote about how his self-portraits reflected his mental health. His struggling soul was in his every brushes. They were absolutely captivating and we wanted to just stare at them and breathe in all the genius.

There're rarely people who can present art as masterfully as Van Gogh, but in any self-portrait we must all be able to translate who we are deep inside, at least in some degree, whether it is presented beautifully, vividly, penetrating, or otherwise. Because a self-portrait is our own creation of ourselves and in that process of creation, there must be some of our soul dropped unconciously into our work.

So there you go, my Day 1 challenge, a self-portrait.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh Paris - Part I

I had never thought that we'd be travelling with Anya so much while she's so little. Before Anya was born, Alan and I would talk about keep exploring the world once in a while leaving Anya to the grandparents. But as it turned out it was way too difficult for me to be separated with Anya for now. So there we were, in Paris, and oh how glad I was that we brought her along. It was definitely not easy, but completely worth it.