Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photos From the Past - Children in Kashgar

As we walked down the street of Kashgar's old town, many children popped their heads out of the door to greet us. One of them was all dressed up and she followed us around and wanted to model in many of our pictures. One of them ended up inviting us to her home and introduced us to her family.  They showed us the welcome that made us forget about the differences and conflicts between Han and Uyghur. 
Soon they will grow up and learn all about the history of their region and they'll have to face the conflicts between their people and Han almost every single day. Ten years from now, if they see me walking down their streets again, will they still greet me with such a warm welcome? I hope I will still be the same me, but with more love and compassion to share, and I hope they will, too.

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