Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Photo From The Past

I realized I have been neglecting my blog ever since I was pregnant with Anya-Grace. Being pregnant was a lot of work. Being a mom is even more work. So I have been choosing to just post lots of pictures at once to save time, and a lot of great pictures with nice stories behind them got left out.

I often think that I as an individual am just something that's made of million pieces of memories, and losing a piece of memory means losing a piece of me. So here I am collecting my memories by creating a ritual to post one picture from my past every week and write something about it .

I hope this ritual will help me remind myself who I am beside a mom, and to remind myself to keep an open mind for changes and adventures. More importantly, I hope through the photos and words Anya will get to know me and in a different way when she is old enough to do so.

This picture about the making of my favorite food in Xinjiang - Nang 馕. I love it so much I brought 20 of this big pie with me when I left. They took up a lot of space in my luggage, but it was worth it.

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