Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let it Snow!

We were thrilled during the 3rd week of February when all the sudden Vancouver received the type of snow that you generally see on all the Christmas cards. For days we saw snowflakes swirling and dancing in the air from our linving room windows and tried to teach Anya the concept of "cold" by placing her little palm on the glass.  Finally we decided that it is best to learn by stepping out of our warm apartment and that she was big enough for a walk in the snow. 
I loved these pictures, especially because this was the first time we filmed these kind of "set" for Anya.  I was able to see how big she's grown from the pictures and I truly appreicaited how healthy she is. This was also the first time since my pregnancy that I picked up my camera to film... I could see that my compositions were a little off, but I know I can find my sense of photography back by filming with my carmera often again.  





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