Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Velantine's Day

We planned on spending as much alone time as possible on valentine's day, but it just so happened that it was also Anya's three months old birthday, so before our romantic date we took her to Toys "R" US to inspect all the colorful toys and many books I plan to read to her. She was a curious little one and kept moving her head from left to right to explore all the wonders around her.

In the evening, Alan and I revisited our first date, which happened when I was still a teenager and consisted of a not so fancy Japanese dinner and a movie at Metrotown.
As I was rushing home after the movie because I couldn't wait to see Anya, when my heart melted seeing her face brighten when she saw me arrived, and when in the morning, I woke up with her sweetest face beside me, I realized something.

Falling in love with her is one of the most romantic things. I love her so plenty much...


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