Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Dear Baby

Last night at 4am I walked out of the room holding you in my arms
You were crying so hard your face was all red
I had no energy in me anymore and I told you dad I didn't deserve to be you mommy because I could not even soothe you
You have been crying for hours during the nights for few days now
It really break my heart to see you like this and your dad and I are so tired
But you know what's weird?
As frustrated as I am, whenever you are not with me for more than a couple of hours, I miss you like crazy...
I would feel relived for a while and happily get to my chores, and then I would miss you like crazy...
I would miss the feeling of holding you, cuddling with you, and looking into your eyes
I think this is love - no matter how tired you have caused me
My heart follows you because you are a part of me and I am a part of you

Monday, December 23, 2013

She's All Alan


As much as I wanted the baby to look like me (I hoped she at least get my eyes), most people are telling me that she looks a lot more like Alan (especially her eyes...).  
While I am very happy and relieved that she's got Alan's good genes, I am also a little jealous.
I mean really, when I look at the baby picture of me... I can sort of see Anya-Grace there.
Anya-Grace 2013

Grace 1983

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Tiny You Were - Videos

I took these videos when Anya-Grace was only 2 and 4 days old...
It is hard to imagine how tiny she was and how much she's grown already in one month.
Alan and I laugh every time we see her double chin (and it's more like triple chin now!)
By turning the sound on, you can hear her hiccups in the first video. She does that a lot, even when she was in my belly, and I absolutely love it - I remember calling Alan up during the nights so he could feel it. Seeing in front of me what I could only feel when I was pretty magical.