Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Dear Baby

My Dear Baby,

It has been more than two weeks since you were born, and I am still adjusting to my new role as your mommy.

Giving birth to you was a traumatic experience, but there was no time to really take a break.  I was to, in a different way, become a biggest piece of your world immediately afterwards.

More than ten hours a day while you were awake I fed you, cuddled with you, soothed you so you would stop crying, and take as many pictures of you as I could when you were in a good mood.  And while you were sleeping, I went over the parenting books over and over again, wanting to make everything even better for us.

At times I felt very blue and lost. I felt like the version of me that I knew so well was very far away, and that all that's accumulated in me for years was gone. But then I realized they are still in me, and I am just giving myself to you in a way that you needed now - to survive, and to know that there is already someone in the world who loves you so.

And you know... Every time I gave you my fingers when you suddenly stretched your arms to look for security, it's like magic.  And when I watched you smiled for me for the very first time yesterday, my heart melted.





  1. thanks for sharing. super cute. big smile on my face.

  2. A beautiful name for such a beautiful little girl! May she always be happy and healthy :)