Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Over the Weekend


Even though I brought as much work home for the weekend as I could,
I ended up spending most of the days reading parenting books and getting our little apartment in shape for the baby - Look at the giant crib that we put together!
To me the parenting books are so much more interesting than all the pregnancy books that I've been reading. I felt like I was back to school studying psychology and I would read the good chapters out loud so Alan could hear while doing other works.
In the process of making more room for the baby, I dug up boxes of old letters from friends and family. Most of these letters are dated before facebook became popular, and a lot of them were from my friends in Taiwan who wrote to gave me emotional support after I moved to Canada and when I felt lonely or lost. It felt really good to touch the paper and the ink - I've missed it.
I also dug up a lot of the gifts that I plan to give to my baby girl when she grows up. Over the years I've been very blessed and have received many gifts, and I have not had chances to really make uses of a lot of them.  I am so glad that I kept them so well because now I will be able to give all of them to our little girl.  Most importantly, I will be able to tell her who and where these gifts were from, and I hope she will understand, for example, how special it is to receive a handmade clutch that her Japanese great grandmother gave me, or a beautiful mirror that her spoiled mother insisted on buying from a boutique store even though it was originally not for sale.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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