Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Alan and Grace's Best of France - Marseille

Marseille to me was all about how we successfully turned a potentially dreadful experience into a bright and shinning one.
Right before we entered into the city centre our very smart GPS decided we should be more adventurous and took us to a gloomy neighborhood.  Just as we stopped the car to modify our directions, someone started to try to open our car door (but thankfully Grace always lock the car doors).  Now, if that's not obvious enough that it was a robbery, after failing to do so he called his buddy over for help. 
So, here is what it looked like at the moment - Alan and I were stuck in a car in a gloomy and evidently bad neighbourhood trying our very best to enter a new direction into our evidently not so smart GPS, while two men outside our car trying their very best to open the doors so they could rob us.
When we finally got away I told Alan I wanted to leave this city immediatly and go to Aix-en-Provence, even though we just drove almost two hours to be in Marseille.  Thankfully Alan ignored my fear and made the decision to stay. But he did make some small adjustment to his normal thrifty self - we parked under a five star hotel to be safe.
We ended up having one of the most memoriable days in Marseille.  Our hearts were still bumping fast from the incident before, so when a man with a long trench coat approached us, I almost ran - but he only wanted to give us direction since we looked lost holding the map.  When a small boy approached me, I slowly moved away - but he was only trying to lend me his fishing pole so I could take a picture pretending I was finshing at this beautiful harbour, and I did. Even though it's not possible, I still hope they know how their kindness helped brighting our day.













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