Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guess Who Is Expecting!?

We are! :D

Now, it would be nice if I can say it has only been all magical and exciting.  But the truth is, I had been absolutely miserable physically for the past many weeks.

That's spending basically every waking moment feeling nausea - even woke me up during the middle of nights. That's having most of my energy sucking out of me so I had difficulty even just to sit and listen to my favorite music. That's almost fainted on skytrain and had to asked someone to please let me sit during rush hours. That's having heartburns throughout the days, and that's losing weight because there's rarely food I could bear eating and that's not being able to keep them down after I ate.

But here is the thing: When it comes to what you know are real and significant in life, you don't really see sacrifice as sacrifice. We reap what we sow - it's simple, and natural. It's true when it comes to the work I enjoy; it's true when it comes to the people I love, and it's definitely true, for this little one in my belly - Oh yes, I am going to love this little one so.

And, when we heard our baby's heartbeat for the very first time, it was the sweetest sound- we couldn't help crying...


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