Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Monday, February 11, 2013

Xinjiang Part III - Border Area in the Pamir Mountains

I thought I would go back further in time today to write about our trip to XinJiang in 2011...

Before we were allowed to go any deeper into the side of Pamir mountains that sit on the border of China and Pakistan, we were detained by the military officers for a short period of time, first because of some problems with my visa, but more importantly, at the time, there were about a hundred military vehicles full of soldiers and weapons also crossing that area, so it made sense for us to step aside and wait.

I did not mind waiting at all.  I was tired from the non-stop driving in the morning and we were told by our private tour guide that there were still two hours driving ahead on the bumpy roads until we could reach our destination.

So, while Alan and the tour guide were negotiating with the officers about my visa, I took a stroll.  It was peaceful.  Even with the military vehicles driving across one by one, they drove so slowly that I did not feel they made any unbearable noise.

There were only very few houses around and they were basically made by the extension of the cliff behind them.

I stood by a family and their tiny store for a long time.  No one paid attention of my presence except for the baby.

I walked away, made a turn, and behind the corner there was a donkey standing alone who also did not mind my sudden appearance.

It was a good stop.

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