Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guess Who Used to Dance?

There was a period of time during my childhood when I was really into dancing.  My sister and I used to rehearse our self-directed performance by jumping up and down our parents bed for hours, and then invited our parents to watch us jumping up and down their bed for some more hours. It was a big thing - we would actually set up tickets stand outside the bedroom and had our parents purchase fake tickets from my sister's stuffed animal.  Of course we never had any routine per se for our performance, but there were always good music that went with it.

Finally our mom registered us for a ballet class, so we could learn how to dance properly, and leave their mattress alone.  Too bad I decided to stop going after only two classes... I mean, I clearly could have been a dancer!


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  1. very cute. you have to show me some moves!