Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alan and Grace's Best of France - One Fine Day in a Canoe

We spent a good portion of one fine day in a canoe on the Dordogne River. The weather was perfect, and since it wasn't the season for canoeing anymore, we felt like we owned the river all by ourselves.
When we looked down into the water, the shining green overshadowed all the others that were there.
Alan parked our canoe on the bank of the river where one of the riverside bakery that we liked was, and I got up and bought us pain nior and chocolate croissant for a picnic.
After lunch I felt so powerful so I decided that Alan should take a nap while I kept rowing. Well...apparently it wasn't just about how strong you are. With my lack of technique, I made our little canoe did some big and unnecessary big turns.  We later realized that we would have arrived our destination a lot earlier, had we both just took that nap.
Just in case you're wondering if we were as happy as we looked in the photos - ABSOLUTELY we were!











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