Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alan and Grace's Best of France - Macaron, Baguette, Strawberries, and One Big Black Dog

One evening we did a quick photo session before bringing our dinner back to the hotel; one big black dog decided to be an extra in many of our photos.  

Here is his first appearance. I had no idea back then it was only a start of his show.

He seemed to believe that it was his duty to appear in every other photos.

With his "help", it was not easy for us to finally get a good shot of ourselves...

Of course, since he worked so hard interrupting us, he thought he obviously deserve some food in my basket.

When we brought out the macaron, he realized it was time for him to do some tricks to get my attention...

I started to worry that he'd take my 1 euro a piece macaron away from me so I did my best to keep them out of his reach.

What was supposed to be Alan and Grace's photo break became more like this dog's photo session.  We finally headed back to our hotel after feeding him some strawberries.

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