Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alan and Grace's Best of France - The Strolling in Domme, Dordogne

We strolled around under the bright sun, repairing our tired minds and bodies with everything we could see and could breathe in.

Standing still in silence, we listened to the cathedral bell as it rang.

We watched over the Dordogne Valley, imaging what it would be like to run a Bed and Breakfast of our own.

In the evening with our cameras we walked like two happy owls who held the key to the magic at every dark corner. We peaked into the very few restaurants in town to admire roses and candle lights on the tables and waiters who poured the wine so beautifully into the glasses.

When we spoke we almost felt like we should only whisper so our voice would not invade the peacefulness in the air, but sometimes we walked by a house with its windows opened and the sound of forks and knives and the laughters from the dinner table made a symphony for us.

Back to the hotel we had the laughter from dinner table of our own, with fresh fruits, breads, olive sause, cheese, foie gras and chocolate pastry from the village market, I don't know what more I could ask for.  


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