Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Remember the first time you talked to a microphone to order your fast food?

Back when I was in grade 5 Mcdonald's opened its very first drive-through in Taipei.  Every Saturday my dad would be back home for the weekend after a week of work away. He would drive to our school to pick me and my sister up, and it soon became a tradition of ours to get our Saturday lunches from the then novel Mcdonald's drive through. 

The drive-through system was new, exciting, but not sophicated enough to get things right.  There were a lot of times when we did not get our order right. Usually we'd come home and noticed that our fries were missing, or that we got  the Filet-O-Fish intead of McChicken burger (and oh...I remember how I disliked eating fish, even fish in a burger...)

These imperfections did not matter for us. Sometimes when we felt like it, we would drive back to claim our orders, and sometimes, when they felt like it, we'd get a coupon for getting something free and that something free would made my day.

How long did this trandition last.. ? A year? Two?  It felt long, but maybe my brain has just been deceiving me by sneakily extending the timeline of happy memories, and every now and then, when I see a drive through, I think of that Mcdonald on the ZhongXiao East Road and all those Saturdays when we enjoyed fast food with my dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dear Dad.

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