Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Remember the first time you talked to a microphone to order your fast food?

Back when I was in grade 5 Mcdonald's opened its very first drive-through in Taipei.  Every Saturday my dad would be back home for the weekend after a week of work away. He would drive to our school to pick me and my sister up, and it soon became a tradition of ours to get our Saturday lunches from the then novel Mcdonald's drive through. 

The drive-through system was new, exciting, but not sophicated enough to get things right.  There were a lot of times when we did not get our order right. Usually we'd come home and noticed that our fries were missing, or that we got  the Filet-O-Fish intead of McChicken burger (and oh...I remember how I disliked eating fish, even fish in a burger...)

These imperfections did not matter for us. Sometimes when we felt like it, we would drive back to claim our orders, and sometimes, when they felt like it, we'd get a coupon for getting something free and that something free would made my day.

How long did this trandition last.. ? A year? Two?  It felt long, but maybe my brain has just been deceiving me by sneakily extending the timeline of happy memories, and every now and then, when I see a drive through, I think of that Mcdonald on the ZhongXiao East Road and all those Saturdays when we enjoyed fast food with my dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dear Dad.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebration of Light (Symphony of Fire) Vancouver

Another year of magical light and music. 

We had so much fun being part of this festival.  See you next year : )

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Parcel from Mom and Dad

Parcel from Mom and Dad made my originally gloomy day so much brighter :D

One more day til August long weekend!