Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A celebration

This afternoon I was asked to answer what my wildest dreams and ambitions are at the moment. I was supposed to comment, off the top of my head, what I want and/or who I want to be, in my wildest dream.

I couldn't really think of anything. At that moment, to say I had a wildest dream to be or to want anything, my heart would have been lying.

And this doesn't mean there is nothing I want.  On the contrary, there are still so many things I want and so much I want to accomplish, even more than ever. But it would be so wrong for me to call them my wild dreams because they are real.

There I have the reason why this morning I woke up to my birthday with pure happiness.

p.s. I had an amazing birthday.  I was truly touched to receive wonderful desserts and wishes from friends and family.  It's a big deal for me because this would be the very first time someone made cakes and coockies specically for me.  Thank goodness for camera so I could take photos of them.  Alan and I went to a cozy French restaurant and even though I didn't get to use any phrases or words that I have been practicing for the past two weeks, we enjoyed every moment of it.


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