Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warriors of the Rainbow: Meeting the Director 與賽德克.巴萊導演魏德聖的會面

I am not sure how differently I would have felt if I was sitting in a movie theatre in Taipei instead of sitting in a cinema in downtown Vancouver, but last night when I heard the words speaking in Taiwanses dialects coming out, and when I saw the mountains of Taroko on the big screen, I felt the warmness filled in my eyes and the blood rushing through my viens. 

I recognized it and said to myself: you are Taiwanese.

At the end of the movie we met with Director Wei Te-Sheng. As we looked at him listening to what everyone has to say, kindly and patiently, standing in the lobby for such a long time just so he could answer all the questions, just so we all have a chance to talk to him or to take photos with him, it suddenly all made sense. 

 This person in front me was courageous enough to jump into a US$25 million dollar debt, just to tell a story that he wanted to tell, such sacrifice for just a possibility that this could be something so big, that an important part of the Taiwanese history could be told in the cinema outside the small island.  This is a person who has the ability to see the beauties in human heart by looking at their different point of views objectively; a person who truly directs all his energy in doing what he believes to be important.  This is a person who shows no arrogance whatsoever, even after his film was selected as a contender for nomination for the Academy Awards.  This is the type of person who deserves to be successful: passionate, courageous, compassionate and humble.

I would like to sincerely congratulate him on his achievements, and I hope I have what it takes to contribute to the things and people that's dear to my heart every single day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A celebration

This afternoon I was asked to answer what my wildest dreams and ambitions are at the moment. I was supposed to comment, off the top of my head, what I want and/or who I want to be, in my wildest dream.

I couldn't really think of anything. At that moment, to say I had a wildest dream to be or to want anything, my heart would have been lying.

And this doesn't mean there is nothing I want.  On the contrary, there are still so many things I want and so much I want to accomplish, even more than ever. But it would be so wrong for me to call them my wild dreams because they are real.

There I have the reason why this morning I woke up to my birthday with pure happiness.

p.s. I had an amazing birthday.  I was truly touched to receive wonderful desserts and wishes from friends and family.  It's a big deal for me because this would be the very first time someone made cakes and coockies specically for me.  Thank goodness for camera so I could take photos of them.  Alan and I went to a cozy French restaurant and even though I didn't get to use any phrases or words that I have been practicing for the past two weeks, we enjoyed every moment of it.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Over the Weekend

This weekend Alan, my sister and her boyfriend helped me to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Alan took us (after a 1.5 hour drive to the U.S.) to a taco food truck and we enjoyed delicious, warm tacos and pambazo in a shabby rain shelter behind the truck.  We continue with the food by having all-you-can-eat hotpot and sashimi in Richmond and went to my sister's place to enjoy black forest cake with my name on it.

My dear sister got me something that I've wanted a long time but was not able to buy... the DVD of my favorite movie (I was speechless...), and a shiny crystal pig. Alan gave me my gift last week: my very own domain name. From now on I won't have trouble remember where my blog is :D . Thank you.