Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcoming Chinese New Year and Hmm...Something Else!

We had a wonderful weekend getting ready for Chinese New Year. Welcome, the Year of the Dragon! Shopping in T & T with a big crowd and seeing all the bright colors made me home sick, but I was glad to be in a place where I can feel the atmosphere of New Year. We got to sang along to those familiar New Year's tunes while shopping for hot pot ingredients. My dearest sister came over for dinner - It's our New Year's Eve trandition. The dinner was followed by MANY phone calls to our families and friends in Asia, so we could say happy new year even though we are so far away on other side of the world.  

Today is also my fifth-year anniversary working in the firm.  I found a photo of me taken back then - how different I felt sitting in that cubicle with my brand new career ahead of me! Happy Anniversary Grace : )

January 2007 - Brand new in the firm

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