Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Updates from my Camera Roll

We had dim sum at Pink Flamingo (again) but this time with Alan and my sister and we had an amazing Saturday morning.

Attended a very nice birthday dinner party at friend's parents' house and had a pleasure to see a chocolate iPhone cake!

Every afternoon we conduct our chocolate tasting session. We try dark chocolates from different brands (85% this week), shocolate from different countries (Irish, Belgium and Swiss this week).

I used my giftcard to buy that ear-warming thing and tried to wear it all the time to prove it's a good purchase, including when I was in a restaurant...

Saw this beautiful scence in the car - had to take a picture of it.

Went to the tasting of Grand Marnier and bought a bottle to enjoy during this holiday season.

The food pairing: chocolate mousses with Cuvée du Cent; duck and smoked salmon appetizer with Louis-Alexandre; and white chocolate mousse with Cuvée Du Centenaire

The hand-made bottle of Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire is beautiful

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