Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Friday, December 30, 2011

Griffins Festive Buffet & Meeting with Mavis, the Labrador Hotel Ambassador

A couple weeks ago Alan missed his company’s Christmas lunch at Griffins Restaurant of Hotel Vancouver because of me, so today we went there for their “Festive Luncheon Buffet” to make it up. Griffins Restaurant’s Festive Lunch Buffet is available every year from December 1st – December 31st and the menu featuring time-honoured selection of signature salads, seafood, antipasto, Chef’s feature specialties and most importantly the homemade dessert bar (I tried almost every dessert and they made me very happy!)

We were too full after the buffet so decided to walk around the hotel for a bit, and we met Mavis, the most wonderful hotel ambassador and we spent a good hour just following her around and pet her. Mavis is a Lab/Retrever mix at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and also a former BC Guide Dog trainee and was better suited to the social life of a hotel ambassador. Fairmont Hotels offer a distinctive service at select hotels with resident hotel dogs known as Canine Ambassadors. Travelers missing their own furry friend or looking for a companion while taking a walk can bring along the resident Fairmont dog for extra security and the comfort of home. For more information about them, visit

According to the concierge, Mavis’ ambassador buddy Beau is undergoing a surgery and won’t be back for work in another three weeks.

Mavis is beautiful and calm and she pays attention to the hotel guests. When we followed her around she first visit Fairmont’s souvenir store, then she went into the Louis Vuitton store to say hi to the manager. What a social life, ambassador!

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