Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We went to see ROMÉO ET JULIETTE at Vancouver Opera the other day and it was such a lovely performance. Not overly dramatic for an opera, but truly lovely.

A friend told me when she attended at the opening night, she cried at the end. So during Act I and II, I kept thinking how naive I would have to be to believe this love at first sight. How deep could their love be when it all happened within 48 hours...?

But I was wrong, and I realized I have forgotten how I used to cry for them as well. It's that unbearable moment when the joy (so short) overcame by the darkness and the pain and you scream in your heart why not just a moment earlier (or later).

And it is because it all happened within 48 hours that made what they had so pure. Who says naivety cannot co-exist with true love and who says such passion indicates only infatuation?

An older gentleman who came with his wife sat beside me during the performance. He was nodding his head during Act I, and I saw him crying when Romeo and Juliette died.

We also attended an even hosted by Omega at Hotel Vancouver and saw lots of beautiful watches. You can't complian a Tuesday night like this.

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