Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Polaroids from 2010 North Korea and China Trip

Have forgotten about these polaroids taken during our 2010 trip until now.

I also filmed two of our favorite North Korea tour guides (there were six of them) with my Polaroid and gave them the films as a gift. We did not realize how ecstatic they were until we accidentally saw them showing off the films to other North Korean on the train.

We asked one of the tour guide to write something on my film and she kindly put down the words "Pyongyang Station" for me (see first film below).

I had no idea these few words would cause me troubles from the North Korean officials.

Before the train departed from the boarder and back to China, my luggage, purse, and camera were searched and they found my Polaroid film with Korean writing in them. It was difficult to prove that first, I am not from South Korea and second, I really do not know how to write or speak any Korean. The officials finally had to bring the tour guide who signed my film back on the train to prove my innocence.

I miss these two tourguides who shared so many of their stories and their hopes and dreams proudly with us througout the trip. I hope that they will treasure the polariod films I took for them, and remember me, too.


Pyongyang Train Station

North Korea/China Boarder

Beijing Railway Station

Tien An Men Square

The Forbiden city/Imperial palace

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