Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We went to see ROMÉO ET JULIETTE at Vancouver Opera the other day and it was such a lovely performance. Not overly dramatic for an opera, but truly lovely.

A friend told me when she attended at the opening night, she cried at the end. So during Act I and II, I kept thinking how naive I would have to be to believe this love at first sight. How deep could their love be when it all happened within 48 hours...?

But I was wrong, and I realized I have forgotten how I used to cry for them as well. It's that unbearable moment when the joy (so short) overcame by the darkness and the pain and you scream in your heart why not just a moment earlier (or later).

And it is because it all happened within 48 hours that made what they had so pure. Who says naivety cannot co-exist with true love and who says such passion indicates only infatuation?

An older gentleman who came with his wife sat beside me during the performance. He was nodding his head during Act I, and I saw him crying when Romeo and Juliette died.

We also attended an even hosted by Omega at Hotel Vancouver and saw lots of beautiful watches. You can't complian a Tuesday night like this.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent Updates from my Camera Roll

La Baguette et l'Echalote at Granville Island makes wonderful bread and in a nice evening you could just stand outside the bakery and enjoy your meal.

We attended the opening of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell and it was full-house (there weren't even enough seats). The story tells two brothers grow up unaware of the other's existence and lead drastically different lives – one of privilege, the other of poverty – It was a good musical and we truly enjoy the songs. Worth seeing.

We attended a party hosted by Freshii Vancouver and they served healthy but incredibly delicious appetisers.
The T&T near our place opened a section where the dumplings and noodles are made fresh in front of you and we love going there, watch a little bit and buy the noodles.

On Sunday we met up with friends and went to Pink Flamingo Restaurant for Dim Sum. What's good about this restaurant? They still push carts around like the old days. Also, we sat there from 11:30am to 3:00pm and nobody asked us to leave or put the bill on our table - It was amazing customer services and that's why this restaurant has such a good reputation. Our friends' comment: "they haven't put the bill on our table? It's just like Europe!"

I start to see Christmas tree in some places and it just makes me happy.

It was really rainly Saturday night but we went snowboarding anyway and for the very first time, I got off the lift without falling!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grouse Mountain in the Dark - From My iPhone

Went snowboarding last night at Grouse Mountain and had congee afterwards to warm my body up. A happy Saturday night.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Recent Updates from my Camera Roll

Swing in the park

Casino Night

First snow in Vancouver this winter

Brunch with sister

That looks delicious from T&T

Play Night

I love my new iPhone

We saw fruits in a chocolate bar - who would buy that?

Sweets are needed in this cold weather

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Polaroids from 2010 North Korea and China Trip

Have forgotten about these polaroids taken during our 2010 trip until now.

I also filmed two of our favorite North Korea tour guides (there were six of them) with my Polaroid and gave them the films as a gift. We did not realize how ecstatic they were until we accidentally saw them showing off the films to other North Korean on the train.

We asked one of the tour guide to write something on my film and she kindly put down the words "Pyongyang Station" for me (see first film below).

I had no idea these few words would cause me troubles from the North Korean officials.

Before the train departed from the boarder and back to China, my luggage, purse, and camera were searched and they found my Polaroid film with Korean writing in them. It was difficult to prove that first, I am not from South Korea and second, I really do not know how to write or speak any Korean. The officials finally had to bring the tour guide who signed my film back on the train to prove my innocence.

I miss these two tourguides who shared so many of their stories and their hopes and dreams proudly with us througout the trip. I hope that they will treasure the polariod films I took for them, and remember me, too.


Pyongyang Train Station

North Korea/China Boarder

Beijing Railway Station

Tien An Men Square

The Forbiden city/Imperial palace

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nimo's Meal

You know I'm hungry right...?

Do you...?

Where's my food?

Oh here it is....

That's better.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gold Medal Plates Vancouver 2011 - When London Calls: Canada will Answer

You remember the Vancouver 2010 Olympic. You remember how proud we were of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes and how proud we were to be part of this great country.

Gold Medal Plates is the ultimate celebration of Canadian excellencein food, wine, athletic achievement and entertainment. In addition tothe finest food and excellent music, guests had the opportunity tomingle with 28 celebrated Olympians and Paralympians such as MarnieMcBean (Rowing), Simon Whitfield (Triathalon), Ashleigh McIvor (SkiCross) and Steve Podborski (Alpine Skiing), along with athletes thatwill be competing for Canada in London in 2012.

Proceeds from Gold Medal Plates go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation,supporting programs that further Canadian high performance athletes'pursuit of excellence on the world stage – programs like Own ThePodium and the COC’s Athlete Excellence Fund. For more information, visit the Gold Medal Plates website

Chef Feenie of Cactus Club Restaurant, who also won in 2009, wowed the judges with a dish ofRabbit Leg Confit, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Chestnut, Veal Tongue andPorcini Ragout and Brown Butter Squash Purée paired with SwitchbackVineyard Pinot Gris Clone 52, 2010 from Summerland’s Haywire Winery.

Gold medal team of Rob Feenie

2011 Bronze medal: Joël Watanabe ( Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie)

Also my personal favoriate of the evening.

Pork belly with poached Asian pear, superior stock gelée, buckwheat honey and soy reuction.


Bronze medal wine pairing: Sparkling Chenin Blanc, 2007. Road 13 Vineyards

Mark Filatow of Waterfront Restaurant & Wine Bar. Dish: Local scallop, smoked pork and foie gras terrine, spiced orange gelée. Wine pairing: Old Vines Riesling, 2009. Tantalus Vineyards

Chef Dale MacKay of ensemble Restaurant takes the silver medal for the third year in a row. Chef MacKay’sdish was BC Spot Prawns with Pork Thai Broth and Bok Choy paired withLaughing Stock Vineyards’ Pinot Gris, 2010.

Judging the 2011 competition in Vancouver was: James Chatto (HeadJudge) John Bishop, Sid Cross, Barbara-Jo McIntosh, Andrew Morrison,Lesley Stowe and last year's Vancouver winner, Chef Robert Clark. Eachdish was judged out of 100 points, based on visual presentation (20%),texture (20%), taste (30%), wine compatibility (10%), originality(10%) and wow factor (10%).

Rod Butters of RauDZ Regional Table. Takeoff fram raised chevon, curried shoulder, apricot chutney sausage, masala loin with quinoa & chevre and chai reduction

Adam Pegg of La Quercia. Pesce "in Saor" with poricini.

Alana Peckham of CRU. Natural beef short ribs braised with sundried cherries spiced autumn squash puree, pecan, bacon, thyme and vanilla crumble, crispy kale and organic cherry and poplar grove legacy granita

Tim Cuff of Aura, smoked crispy pomme puree, cumin-scented sidney island venison salami, celery and cucummber salad, orange, coriander & olive oil pudding.

Silent auction at Gold Medal Plates Vancouver

Our medaled athletes!