Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xinjiang Part II – In Kashgar: The Uighur Woman Who Sells Fresh-Made Yogurt 新疆之旅 Part II – 喀什城中賣優格的維吾爾女人

Walking into the old town in Kashgar is like walking into a painting, a painting filled with the mystic colors of Middle East. I made sure I smiled a lot, and my steps were light, not because I was scared of anything – I was just trying to pay my great respect to how Uighur Turks culture is preserved here.

Suddenly we heard a sound “OOOHHHH – HEEEEEEEE” reverberated through the quiet streets. And again, and again, the sound repeated every few minutes. It was early in the morning, so for a while I thought it was an enormous bird tying to wake the city up.

Finally we saw a Uighur woman approaching on her motorcycle, and as she rode by the streets some people pop their heads out. She is selling fresh-made yogurt.

The motorcycle stopped in front of a household close to where I was standing, and a few seconds later the woman had laid out about twenty porcelain bowls on the ground with yogurt that she just made that morning in them.

Now, imagine how much easier it would be if she carries the yogurt in plastic bowls instead of porcelain. It is like watching her performing some kind of acrobats.

A Uighur man walked out his front door, carefully inspected the yogurt in each bowl, poured two bowls of yogurt in his own porcelain bowls, and paid two dollars RMB. Transaction completed.

As she put together her merchandise and started the motorcycle, the woman shouted “OOOHHH – HEEEEEEEE” again.


帶著微笑 我放慢了我的腳步以表示我對這保有維吾爾傳統文化城市的尊敬

一陣陣響徹雲霄的叫聲傳來 原以為是某種特殊的鳥聲 但其實是早晨維吾爾婦女叫賣優格的聲響

騎著老舊的摩托 像表演雜技般帶著裝滿優格得一碟碟瓷碗 她一戶戶地停在探出頭的客戶家門前

只要一元人民幣 當日清晨做得新鮮優格就由一個瓷碗被倒到客戶自家的瓷碗中

交易完畢 她又碟好瓷碗 騎上摩托 再次發出那響亮的叫賣聲

Photo: The motorcycle was already gone - this girl missed her chance for having fresh-made yogurt that morning

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