Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Friday, May 20, 2011

Play Night: The Great Divorce

- adapted by George Drance & The Magis Theatre from the novel by C.S. Lewis

Photo by Ron Reed. Pictured (L-R): Sarah Ruth and Stephanie Elgersma in The Great Divorce.

Photo by Ron Reed. Pictured (L-R) Phil Miguel, Jeff McMahan in The Great Divorce.

A great play is the one that takes hours to absorb the story but so much longer to discover what it could really mean. It is the one that could be explained in a thousand different ways by a thousand different people. It is the one that makes you a thinker.

Walking out of the theatre I thought about making choices between the heaviness and lightness we put on all matters.

When the heavy is too intense that we lock ourselves in a tiny box of misery, when is the right time to let go of the despair?

When too much lightless is put on love, hatred, desire and all, how is this meaninglessness leading anyone to real joy?

With the darkness of obsession, the hell described in the play was too heavy to bear but the heaven described was so...emptily light. If we are not talking about the afterlife, how do we measure the perfect weight of anything in our lives?

When it comes to a marriage of two extremes, should there really be a great divorce?

Playing May 20-June 18 Wednesday – Saturday at 8pm with 2pm
matinee on Saturday at Pacific Theatre, 1440 W 12th Ave. Artist talkback Friday, May 27.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Driving down from Napa back to San Francisco, we stopped at the famous Hog Island Oyster Co. Farm at Tomales Bay for lunch.

The oysters here are sold by dozens. You pick the sizes of oysters you want - xsmall, small, medium, large, or xlarge. The xsmall and small are the sweetest and usually large or xlarge are only recommended by the farm to "real oyster lovers".

The farm provides you with everything you need to have a wonderful feast. We were given a lesson of how to open the oysters (in the end I still couldn't open any of them), gloves, oyster knife, and 2 types of dipping sauces. It cost only $5 to rent a picnic table under the beautiful sky and you could basically stay there for as long as you want. BBQ are also set up by the picnic tables but you'd have to bring your own tools and sauces for that. Of course if you're not in a hurry, you could open a bottle of wine or purchase some beer and just lie on the bench for a nap.

In conclusion, it was an amazing lunch. I should probably also mention that this was my first time eating raw oysters and this kind of proves how good and how fresh their oysters are.

p.s. Hog Island Oyster Co. also have oyster bars in San Francisco (Ferry Building) and Napa (Public Market) so you could enjoy their oysters, too outside Tomales Bay. But you get to open your own oysters and bring other food for picnic in Tomales Bay so I would definitely recommend the farm more.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

When I was in junior high in Taiwan I attended this math class every Wednesday after school. I never really liked math - I did it so I could get into one of the best senior high schools.

Back then we didn't have a second car. This place was too far away for me to walk to after school and I didn't know how to ride a bike. So every Wednesday, my mom would ride me to this class on a bike. The students usually got there at around 7pm, and we needed to answer all kinds of math problems correctly before we could leave. Most of the time I didn't get to leave until after 11pm, and my mom would be downstairs waiting for me to ride me home.

My point is, this is one of my favorite memories with my mom. We'd talk about everything on our way back home on that old, old bike, and when the hill was too steep, we'd get off of the bike and walk. On our way there were those be narrow, quiet roads, that crowded night market, the first blockbuster in Taipei and that park where I learned how to roller skate.

When I was 13 and was in school from 7am to 6pm and had to do math from 7pm to 11pm, what's better than ending a day biking home with my mom and stopping somewhere for mid-night snacks?

My mom is the biggest fan of my blog so I would like to dedicate this post to her.

I really love you. Happy Mother's Day.