Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, April 23, 2011

San Francisco - The City of Steeps and Stories

It is difficult not to fall for this city - everything here tells that this is a city of stories. You see it, you feel it, and you could probably even smell it - it's in the air.

And I not just enjoy but I want to be close to whatever or whoever with stories - how else am I supposed obtain enough to become who I wan to be with the limited stories of my own? But this is off-topics now - the topic is San Francisco and how I adore the city.

If I were asked to describe one of my perfect Sunday during the secondment months, it would be when I took the Caltrain from San Jose to SF, walked along 4th from the train station to Union Square, to China Town, take a turn to Russian Hill, and finally to which ever Pier the road took me. It wasn't even necessary for me to stop and shop or dine because just to walk around this beautiful city was satisfactory enough.

And to proof how I enjoyed the Sunday described - with the never ending workload and with the limited weekends we had, I kept going back.

My pocket was full of Caltrain tickets.

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