Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chinatown: SF vs. Vancouver

The first time I went to San Fran during my secondment months, I stopped at Chinatown to read my map. An old man with his full bag of groceries stopped and asked me whether I was lost and where I was trying to go. After telling him I wanted to go to the Fisherman's Wharf, he told me how to go there by foot, by bus, or by cable car. And he insisted on me finding something to eat if I decided to go by foot - in case I got to tired and fainted.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Chinatown - there is something we called 人情味.

The Chinatown in SF is what I'd call...alive. It's full of people and full of energy and it's something that I wish would stay the same forever. It's is something that in my opinion every city should protect, not destroy, because this is where you see stories; this is part of who the cities are.

Here instead of spending over $15 for your lunch, you spend $5, and trust me it's delicious. You see things sold at the right price and nobody is trying to gain ridiculous margin on anything - they know how much it costs to make these stuffs and they're trying to earn the most reasonable amount. Here you see a generation of Chinese who a long time ago bravely moved to the other side of the world and tried their very best to make good livings and how they brought with them wonderful things in Chinese culture.

Why did we make the Chinatown in Vancouver such a dangerous and uncomfortable place to visit? Instead of making it a must-visit attractions, it's now a place that visitors in Vancouver avoid (if you google "Vancouver Chinatown" all you could see is "avoid", "DO NOT GO", "dangerous" from the travelers).

It's such a shame

And it's too late...

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