Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Thursday, November 4, 2010

North Korea Adventure – Part II: The Bridge that separates the two Worlds. 北韓旅遊之二: 分隔兩個世界的大橋

We arrived at the border city between China and North Korea a day earlier, just to make sure there was no more problem with my visa. That evening we took a walk to the actual border between the two countries: Yalu River, to see the bridge over which our train would cross the next day.

On one side of the bridge there we were, in a city with lights, restaurants, hotels, dancing people. On the other side of the bridge all I saw was a complete silence and darkness.

The middle of the bridge separates the two worlds: One that can pay for electricity and one that cannot afford such a luxury.

鴨綠江大橋的這一端燈火通明 我們牽著手 看著其他情侶放天燈

旅館 餐廳 在水邊跳舞的人們

在另一端 他們連把橋點亮的能力都沒有

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