Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

North Korea Adventure – Before Posting Pictures 朝鮮(北韓)之旅 – 在貼照片前的一些話

I have been trying to write about our trip to North Korea for sometime now, but to be honest, I just did not know how or where to start. If it was for our any other trips, I would just post beautiful pictures and write description under them.

But this time, it’s just complicated. I have to make sure I convey through my words the exact feelings I have. And mind you, those feelings are not easy to be put in words.

I have also decided to write in both English and Chinese, not just because Chinese is my first language, but also because I travelled with a Chinese group in North Korean and many of my original thoughts were formed in Chinese.

I hope through these words and pictures my friends who read my blog can really know more about North Korea and explore what we simply cannot get from watching our news.


我不知道有沒有人和我們一樣 在看今年的世界盃足球賽時被北韓隊感動

我沒有很懂足球 事實上 我沒有很懂任何運動

但是我懂運動家精神 然後我沒有看到任何一個國家隊 有北韓隊的運動家精神


歐洲隊的明星球員過得是甚麼樣得日子 北韓隊的球員呢

我把這問題牢牢記在心裡 在這段旅途中反覆思索

思考是在北韓旅行最需要的東西 否則你看到的只是一個落後的國家

而我在北韓所能感悟到的 絕對不只是這樣

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