Grace Tu

Grace Tu

Sunday, October 31, 2010

See You Next Season

There is this farm close to my apartment and we went there to pick up fresh vegetables for meals throughout summer and fall. It feels good live in a city but still be able to be buy fresh foods from the farmers. Today is the last day of their business for the 2010 season, so we went there to see what we can pick up. Although most of the vegetables were gone, they're giving away free pumpkins for decoration!

Oh we also took a walk in the park. It won't be long before the rain destroys those beautiful colors on the trees.

Halloween Weekend without Costumes

This Halloween I did not dress up at all. And living in an apartment with mostly young couples, we had no one knock on our door so we get to keep the 3 chocolate bars we prepared.

It was, however, a wonderful weekend.

1. We decided to take a walk in Stanley Park before Daljeet's birthday party but it was really cold. Had to stay in the car most of the time.

2. Daljeet's birthday at Section 3.

3. Went to Science World for Body Worlds and stayed there for more than 4 hours...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Play Night - The 39 Steps 劇場之夜: The 39 Steps

Tonight we attend the opening of The 39 Steps. It was amazingly humorous and has amusing creativity. I am pretty sure I laughed or smiled throughout the whole play.

Diana Coatsworth and Martin Happer in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of The 39 Steps. Photo by David Cooper.

原本想要好好得寫英文和中文兩份看劇心得, 可是現在凌晨一點, 我只想說這部劇的舞台和劇本創意讓我很快樂.

然後快樂是多麼重要的事? 所以寫了這樣也很足夠了.

Shawn Macdonald and David Marr in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of The 39 Steps. Photo by David Cooper.

I forgot to mention we also had wine and cakes. Not a bad way at all to end a hard-working Wednesday.